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Medical Tourism

Cosmetic procedures are in high demand among medical tourists worldwide, with some Asian countries becoming the favorite destinations for such treatments. One of those European/Asian destinations is Istanbul, Turkey. It is growing in popularity because of its high-quality and easy European access.

Dentistry is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures: veneers, implants, caps, crowns, etc. Cost is the primary reason most people prefer Istanbul; in addition to excellent facilities that match their counterparts in the U.S. and other developed nations, the quality of the outcomes is very high. 

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Why Rely on Client Care?

Client Care is a medical tourism planning and consulting service that helps clients through the experience from start to finish.

Our Specialty is Cosmetic Dental Care. One of the biggest obstacles for people is not knowing how to start, where to go, and who's trustworthy and safe. That's why they come to us. We provide highly affordable custom designed all-inclusive trips based on your individualized needs. We use the best providers and accommodations that meet your needs and expectations.

  • Client Care Provides its Clients:
  • Provider Vetting
  • Procedure and Travel Consulting
  • Budget Based Planning
  • Trip Organizing
  • Therapeutic Escorts
  • All-inclusive pricing for the travel, hotels, and dental procedures

I am not only the owner I am client.

My experience as a client happened by chance. I was hired to escort a woman to Istanbul for a cosmetic dental procedure. She was understandably anxious about the procedure and travel and wanted to want a person with her “in the event of” kind thing.

I agreed to go; in this case, it was her trip, and she made all the arrangements.
While at the clinic, on Day One, I decided to sit for a consultation. I was knowingly in need of work and had obtained an estimated cost to repair my bite, needed crowns and ortho here in the U.S.

I sat after experiencing a thoroughly modern clinic operating with the utmost professionalism I had seen. First, we did the PANO X-Ray and went upstairs to the consulting room with two dentists. They shared their opinion about the severity of my problem and suggested I engage immediately because the chances of my teeth snapping out of my mouth were growing daily.

They left the room while I pondered my decision. Upon return, a quote was proffered, and I immediately accepted. The price was 10% of my cost in the U.S.

Amazing! They contacted a dentist on-call, and she was then assigned my case.

The rest unfolded quickly, professionally, and with genuine care and concern for my satisfaction. I rolled out of Istanbul with a Hollywood smile, getting 6 top and six bottom crowns.

The proof is evident; I look FANTASTIC! 

Dr. Harold Jonas
Client Care Owner

The worldwide growth of the medical tourism business has significantly impacted the future of the cosmetic surgery market. The cost factor primarily drives the rising trend among consumers in the US seeking cosmetic surgeries abroad. Countries offer cosmetic surgeries and beauty modification procedures that come way cheaper than the quality of service provided by a US clinic. As a result, the cost remains significantly lower, even considering the transportation and accommodation expenses and treatment costs.

So, whether you are looking for a simple trip to get high-quality, affordable cosmetic dentistry or a whole luxury expereince that includes you coming back looking as good as you feel after a high-quality European luxury experience. Client Care can help.

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Dr. Harold Jonas

Dr. Harlold Jonas Smile from Istanbul
Client Care is led by one of South Florida's leading Medical Health counselors: Harold Jonas, Ph.D., LMHC, CAP, ICADC. Dr. Jonas is the Founder and President of Client Care. He is Nationally known as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Addictions Professional in the State of Florida, as well as a Florida State Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator.

As a nationally recognized therapeutic counselor, Dr. Jonas knows the importance of quality care and counseling to assure that the patient can receive the best outcome by being prepared, supported, and guided through the process. And saw an opportunity to apply his years of expereince to the growing medical tourism services category.

Dr. Jonas holds a Ph.D. from International University focusing on Addictive Disorders and an MA in Counseling Psychology from Antioch University. He entered the counseling profession in 1988, specializing in addictions, providing intervention services, and crisis and trauma counseling. The Dr. has worked in various professional settings, including drug treatment centers, psychiatric hospitals, and outpatient counseling programs. Some job descriptions he has held range from a frontline therapist to a program director.

In 1994, Dr. Jonas established Intervention Strategies responding to the changes in treatment options and the impact of managed care on the healthcare industry. He has since conducted numerous "confrontations" and guided the healing process for multiple individuals and families on the road to recovery.

In 1995, Dr. Jonas launched a drug-free living environment called the Recovery Zone. This shared, supportive housing concept is designed for people in early recovery who benefit from a community-type living situation. The goal is to assist residents with strengthening their commitment to recovery and providing a safe environment to practice living skills. Since beginning operations in 1995, he has successfully launched three additional facilities.


Dr. Harold Jonas

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